September Newsletter

It was a wet Saturday morning on the 6th September 2008 in Ashbourne, Derbyshire when pirates overran and conquered the Severn Trent owned reservoir, Carsington Water. The 4th annual WaterAid Raft Race was truly upon us. This year saw 30 rafts, each armed with 6 pillaging pirates take to the water to complete for the title and one of many prizes available.

 The event is organised by Severn Trent Water and welcomes its employees, their contractors, suppliers, and their motley crews (aka family members!), to Carsington Water for a fun day out. 2008 was the 2nd Raft Race C2C Services had participated in and this year we were going to win!

WaterAid is a charity that use practical solutions to provide safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. This particular event was held to raise funds to enable WaterAid to reallocate into communities which require safe drinking water and sanitation.

Pirates in jolly moods gathered on the shore of the reservoir with the support of their motley crew’s in eager anticipation of the 4th annual WaterAid Raft Race; and even the typically awful British weather failed to dampen spirits!

The first 6 heats consisted of 5 Rafts paddling out past two buoys and back to shore with a sprint finish from the shore to the finish line….or wherever the team decided to throw their man (volunteer) overboard to swim to shore.

C2C Services got off to a flying start in their 1st heat, paddling hard from the off, to create an unassailable lead which saw them first passed the finish line and crowned winner of their heat – with a respectable time of 8 minutes 52 seconds. This put us through to the semi-finals along with our sister company Severn Trent Select.

As the mist started to roll in, creating an even more pirate like atmosphere, unfortunately our game plan disintegrated; as we became more concerned with splashing the other rafts we fell back in the race. However, we still came a respectable 3rd with a time of 9 minutes 12 seconds, but to our dismay behind ST Select. Somebody will be walking the plank for this poor performance! With the shoulders burning and arms about to explode the C2C pirates retreated back to dry land heads bowed in disgrace with the knowledge that we would become the butt of ST Select jokes for the foreseeable future (probably until next year when we can extract our revenge).

A huge well done, if some what reluctant, has to go to ST Select for finishing 3rd over all, as we were all there for the single reason of raising as much money for WaterAid as possible.

Over the last four years the Severn Trent Water group has raised over £40,000 for WaterAid, and over the past two years C2C has raised over £2,000 alone. All of which will go along way to help people in 17 countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific region to make lasting improvements to water, sanitation and hygiene education using local skills and practical, sustainable technologies. We are proud to be associated with such an important and worthy charity such as WaterAid.

The event would not be possible without any of the elements; spectators to cheer and holler; rafters to compete; vendors to provide facilities and activities; jugglers, face painters, the band and volunteers to add to the atmosphere and collect donations, and of course the all important sponsors who provide the majority of funds for WaterAid and the needy communities. A big thank you must go to all those who sponsored C2C Services for this event, you generosity is much appreciated and I’m sure all those who will benefit directly from this would say the same.

As for winning, well on this occasion it certainly was the taking part that counted. With regards to the 2009 WaterAid raft race….training has started

C2C Services recognises the importance of charities such as WaterAid. Developing countries face a constant daily battle to source fresh clean water. One of the biggest killer in third world countries is diarrhoea. ”Delhi belly” is a joke among world travellers, although not always to those who have had it. But in Asia, Africa and Latin America, it is an inescapable fact of existence, and for those under 5 a very real threat to life.

Four million to five million children die each year from the dehydration caused by severe diarrhea. Various studies indicate there are one billion to two billion cases of the malady annually. Virtually every child in the third world will have the disease more than once in his or her lifetime. With some common diarrhoeal diseases, a child or even an adult can die in a day, so severe and rapid is the dehydration.

One of the main carriers of this disease is contaminated water. Clean drinking water, something which many may take for granted in the developed world, is a luxury many can not afford in the developing world. This is why C2C support such a vital charity and aim to make a difference to people’s lives.

European Deal of the Year

The Ministry of Defence Project Aquatrine Package C Contract was awarded to C2C on 27th October 2004. Making this deal happen involved considerable and sustained effort, commitment and vision from both the MOD and its industrial partners.

An independent barometer of the significance of this achievement has been the recent joint awarding of the European Deal of the Year to C2C and TWN from Global Water Intelligence (GWI). Uniquely, GWI monitor all major water projects across the globe and, following an extensive voting and judging process, Aquatrine’s latest deals have been considered the best in Europe.

What Global Water said about the award for Package C:
‘Package C of Project Aquatrine is a 25-year contract which will deliver water and wastewater services to approximately 1,500 Ministry of Defence sites throughout the south-east, east and north of England. The C2C Consortium of Severn Trent Water and Costain signed the contract for Package C with the Ministry of Defence in December 2004.

The Judges’ Verdict: A complex but innovative deal that, together with Package B, overshadowed all other project finance initiatives in Europe during 2004.’

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

BS OHSAS 18001:2007 achieved

C2C is very pleased to announce that it has now achieved the Certificate of Registeration for BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate of Registration for the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. This represents another key milestone for C2C and reflects the quality of service provided to the MOD and other clients. The auditor from BSI (British Standards Institute)commented on the upbeat attitude and professionalism of everyone he had spoken to.

C2C’s registration to the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard follows the recent achievements of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 status earlier in 2007. To achieve any one of these internationally recognised standards requires incredible effort from a business, but to achieve all three in such a short space of time, demonstrates C2C’s ongoing commitment to delivering the highest possible assurances to both their employees and the MOD. OHSAS 18001 has been designed to be compatible with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, enabling C2C to develop a fully integrated management system that delivers quality and reliability of service whilst minimising environmental and safety risks.



Our main client manages the defence capability of the UK hence the security of their sites and data is paramount. We have to be sensitive to the security demands that are placed upon us. Therefore recruitment is subject to candidates obtaining the relevant security clearance in order for them to fulfill the roles within C2C Services. The relevant forms will be provided upon application of any position.

Equal Opportunities

C2C is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Data Protection Statement:

C2C will use information you have provided in any form for the purposes of:

  • The recruitment process associated with the post you have applied for
  • The recruitment process for similar posts, which we may consider you for, arising in the next 6 months
  • Equal Opportunities Monitoring
  • Enabling us to treat all applications fairly
  • Administering employment with the Company

If your application is unsuccessful C2C will keep information you have provided on this form for a maximum period of 6 months after which time your details will be destroyed. If your application is successful, this will form part of your employment file.

C2C will not provide your personal details to any third party without your permission. In order to obtain references, we will only share necessary information with your named referees. STS does however provide general statistical information to reputable third parties. Such information will not allow anyone to be personally identified.

Customer Billing

C2C can process on your behalf the invoicing of Customers on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. This can be done for an extensive range of charging schemes, for water, wastewater, surface water and rateable values, metered and un-metered accounts.

We offer a bespoke billing process system incorporating a customer database, and a bill production facility, and a clearly defined payment process.

An important aspect of C2C’s service is the Customer Relations management, which involves liaison with customers regarding data queries, meter readings, payment processing and debt recovery.

Utility And Demand Management

To reduce water costs C2C has established the expertise in Utility and Demand Management by ensuring a Holistic and balanced approach to water conservation, tariff management, leakage reduction and on site investment. The strategy involves:

  • Bill management
  • Checking Water balances
  • Tariff management
  • Return to Sewer allowances
  • Demand forecasting
  • Water conservation measures
  • Leakage repair strategy
  • Meter surveys
  • Flow measurement
  • Identifying economic leakage levels (ELL)

C2C will also ensure an integrated strategy to operational & investment decisions, including:

  • Optimising investment required in infrastructure
  • Spend to save initiatives
  • Leakage repair or mains renewal
  • Alternative supplies or services

Design Build Operate

C2C can manage capital investment projects (design and build) for single assets on single sites or for a large asset base across multi-sited operations. These can be either one off projects or rolling operations over a longer term contract.

C2C will also take on the operation of these assets. By combining our asset management capabilities with our operational expertise we can ensure a design that will optimise the whole life cost of the asset investment and operation.

The type of asset base includes:


Water Supply SystemsTreatment Plants
BoreholesActivated Sludge
Treatment PlantsFilter Beds
Water SofteningRBC
Chlorination UnitsSewerage Systems
Service ReservoirsPumping Stations
Pumping StationsOutfalls
Booster PumpsSludge Treatment & Removal
Fire Fighting MainsOil Water Interceptors
Emergency Water StorageCesspits
 Septic Tanks

C2C combines and harnesses the abilities and experience of Severn Trent’s proven environmental leadership record and Costain’s extensive knowledge of construction management

Asset Management & Investment

An essential part of our service is the lifecycle management of all water and wastewater assets. (above and below ground) including treatment plants, pumping stations, distribution and sewerage systems. C2C can do this with proven expertise in asset management.

C2C has the necessary abilities to:


  • Implement asset investment planning
  • Ensure scheme optimisation
  • Manage leakage reduction programmes and metering
  • Manage design & construction contractors
  • Manage large amounts of asset data
  • Provide integrated investment & operational systems
  • Optimise expenditure by delivering efficiencies across operations and capital investment
  • Effectively managing key supply chain partners
  • Investment selection to ensure best whole life cost
  • Effective Project Management of schemes with a high focus on Health & Safety, Quality and Environment

24 Hour Helpline

C2C can offer round the clock capability to manage your water and wastewater assets. C2C can do this with proven expertise in asset operation and through:

A 24/7 client and customer helpline

The C2C Control Centre provides cover for routine and emergency work 365 days per year helpline. Problems are analysed and risk assessed and Field Operatiors are then instructed to investigate or implement the resolution. Feedback to the client is an essential integral step in the process.

Dedicated staff from first call to final feedback

C2C Field Technicians and Operators undertake the first call reactive work. They will solve problems and specify any required follow on work and manage any key supply chain partners we utilise in delivering the service. On site relationships are managed to ensure our client is getting the best resolution to the issue and the best value service.

C2C Services Contact

Asset Operations

C2C can, on your behalf, undertake the operation of all water, wastewater and surface water assets including treatment plants, pumping stations, distribution and sewerage systems. C2C can do this with proven expertise in asset operation and we will add value to asset operation and routine maintenance by:

  • Gaining a complete understanding of the operations in detail;
  • Optimising the resource requirements and plant performance:
  • Rectifying troublesome assets and looking for quick wins;
  • Dealing with environmental issues;
  • Providing cost savings through spend to save initiatives and effective efficiency targets;
  • Identifying benefits achievable through capital investment;
  • Managing and optimising waste water and sludge tankering requirements
  • Sampling and testing to meet statutory requirements;
  • Reacting to sewer blockages and flooding, and repair where necessary
  • Covering routine and emergency work;

Our multi skilled workforce and operation is equipped to tailor a service that meets the needs of your particular service requirement. You tell us what you require.