Asset Operations

C2C can, on your behalf, undertake the operation of all water, wastewater and surface water assets including treatment plants, pumping stations, distribution and sewerage systems. C2C can do this with proven expertise in asset operation and we will add value to asset operation and routine maintenance by:

  • Gaining a complete understanding of the operations in detail;
  • Optimising the resource requirements and plant performance:
  • Rectifying troublesome assets and looking for quick wins;
  • Dealing with environmental issues;
  • Providing cost savings through spend to save initiatives and effective efficiency targets;
  • Identifying benefits achievable through capital investment;
  • Managing and optimising waste water and sludge tankering requirements
  • Sampling and testing to meet statutory requirements;
  • Reacting to sewer blockages and flooding, and repair where necessary
  • Covering routine and emergency work;

Our multi skilled workforce and operation is equipped to tailor a service that meets the needs of your particular service requirement. You tell us what you require.

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